Postgraduate Courses Offered at University of Zambia

Official List of Postgraduate Courses Offered at University of Zambia… The University of Zambia Postgraduate Courses offered for admission. Here is theĀ list of available postgraduate courses/programmes offered at the institution.
Postgraduate Courses Offered at University of Zambia
Are you looking for the list of Postgraduate courses available at the University of Zambia (UNZA)? The following is the list of available Undergraduate, Graduate, Diploma courses/programmes offered at University of Zambia that has gained accreditation.
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University of Zambia PostgraduateĀ Courses OfferedĀ 

There are several Courses offered at the University of Zambia.Ā  After going through the under-listed available courses, you can check theĀ Admission ā€“Ā Entry Requirements Here.

UNZA offers the following post-graduate degrees:Ā School of Agricultural Sciences:

  • MSc in Agronomy

School of Education

  • MEd in Special Education
  • Med in Psychology
  • Med in Educational Sociology
  • Med Administration
  • Med Geography Education
  • PhD in selected specialisations

School of Engineering

  • MEng. Environmental Engineering
  • MEng Electrical Power Systems
  • MEng Production Engineering and Management
  • MEng Thermofluids Engineering
  • MEng Geodesy
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Construction Management

School of Humanitites and Social Sciences

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling
  • Master of Mass Communication
  • Master of Communication for Development for Development
  • Master of Public Administration
  • MA in Economics
  • MA in Political Science
  • MA in History
  • MA in Philosophy
  • MA in Linguistics
  • MA in Literature
  • PhD in History
  • PhD in Linguistic Science
  • PhD in Demography

School of Law

  • Postgraduate Diploma in International Human Rights Law
  • Master of Laws
  • PhD in Law

School of Medicine

  • Master of Public Health
  • Master of Medicine in General Surgery
  • Master of Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Master of Internal Medicine
  • Master of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Master of Paediatrics and Child Health
  • MSc in Parasitology
  • PhD in Medicine

School of Mines

  • Master of Mineral Sciences in Geology
  • Metallurgy and Mineral Processing
  • Mining Engineering, Small Scale Mining

School of Natural Sciences

  • MSc in Biosystematic and Ecology
  • Plant Pathology, Mycology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics
  • PhD in Physics
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science
  • MSc in Computer Science (by research)

School of Veterinary Medicine

  • MSc in Diagnostic Veterinary Medicine
  • MSc (by Research) in Parasitology
  • MSc in Public Health
  • MSc in Helminthology
  • MSc in Biochemistry and Epidemiology
  • PhD in selected specializations

Entrance Requirements: Admission requirements for postgraduate degrees are a good first degree in a relevant field while those for a doctoral degreeĀ are a Masters degree.
Duration:Ā Diplomas 1 year, Masters 2 years; Doctoral 3 years.


Fees and Sponsorship:
Tuition fees vary from programme to programme and from year to year. The indicative figure range from K5,967,000.00 to K7,371.000.00 million per academic year with fees for Non-Zambians being slightly higher. For Zambian undergraduate students the Government is the main sponsor through the Bursaries Committee.


Accommodation at UNZA is limited. Students wishing to be accommodated in the hostels should apply to the Dean of Students. Students who are unable to be accommodated must make their own arrangements.


Language of Instruction:
The language of instruction at the University is English.


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